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Springtime Pest Prevention Tips for Your Retail Business

Wasps in a Cafe

The spring season is a time when many retail businesses enjoy higher traffic from customers who take advantage of the beautiful weather to shop. However, the same sunny weather that helps rev up your business also brings out the unwanted pests that pose a risk to your company's reputation.

While you may welcome a few spring butterflies fluttering about the newly planted flowers outside your building's entrance, the last thing you need are bees or spiders scaring your customers away. As you prepare for your spring sales, use these tips to practice proper pest prevention that lets your customers enjoy their shopping trips.

Deter Bird Nests and Hives

Spring is nesting season for many birds, and you should also be aware of the increased activity that occurs among bee and wasp populations.  Unfortunately, nests and hives are not just unsightly, but they also pose health hazards on your retail property.

Bird droppings can transmit diseases to humans, and if birds nest in the area, there will be even more droppings to deal with. Additionally, those who are allergic to bees may be forced to flee your property if bees begin buzzing around the parking lot or entrance.

Preventative pest control services for commercial buildings involve using strategies such as netting or bird spikes to prevent nests and hives from forming in common locations.

Maintain the Landscaping

During the spring, grass and weeds quickly grow, and certain pests are known to thrive in overgrown landscapes. If your retail location has playground areas or other areas with large amounts of vegetation, then make sure that these spots are mowed and trimmed regularly to keep flea and tick populations down.

Inspect for Access Points

Rodents and insects are fast little critters, and your customers and staff may inadvertently allow them inside if they leave doors open. Consider adding automatic doors to your retail location if possible to minimize how long pests may be given an easy entrance.

Smaller pests, such as cockroaches and flies, can also enter the building through tiny cracks such as those that occur around windows and doors. Have the maintenance crew inspect for potential pest entrance points and repair these areas as needed.

Eliminate Standing Water

Those lovely spring rains may leave pools of water that turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Keep the gutters cleaned out along the roof of the building to promote proper drainage, and make sure that the ground outside of your retail business slopes down and away from the building so that water does not collect.

Provide Adequate Trash Disposal Areas

Your business benefits when customers linger, and amenities such as picnic tables, benches, and mini dog parks all encourage your customers to view your business as a gathering place.

However, frequent traffic near the exterior areas of your building can sometimes lead to trash, such as food wrappers and drink cups, that attracts pests. Help your customers contribute to a pest-free environment by placing trash cans with lids in prominent locations.

Train Staff to Watch for Signs of Pests

Even with the best of care, springtime pests may still find a way into your building. When this happens, you always want your staff to catch the issue before one of the customers does.

Talk to your staff members about ways to recognize pest infestations. For example, your cleaning crew could check for spider webs as they clean out the inventory storage room. Alternatively, your cashiers can watch the door for pests such as bees that tend to fly inside.

At Area-Wide Exterminators, we frequently help retail businesses deter spring pests before they take over the building. Give us a call today for an inspection that helps you prevent springtime pests this season.