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Termite Reports for Realtors® in Stockton

Any good Realtor® knows that conducting a termite home inspection is one of the best investments you can make when selling a house. Area-Wide Exterminators offers professional property inspection services that will help your presentation. Buyers and sellers alike need to know of any damage that has been done by termites, so conducting an inspection is the best protection for both parties. As a real estate professional, a termite inspection is particularly important because it reveals potential damage and mitigates your liability in showing and selling a home if it has termites.

Reporting Services for Home & Property Sellers

Many states require testing and inspection regimens prior to the finalization of real estate transactions. A termite report or home inspection may be part of these requirements, and if so, we offer services to help you get your inspections done and keep selling homes. When these procedures are mandatory, it is often also required that the results be reported to the lending bank or governmental housing authority. In addition to performing the inspection, we can record and relay our findings to the relevant agency. This minimizes the time you need to invest, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Partnering for Success

If you are a Realtor® in Stockton, you are a very busy person. The real estate market is constantly shifting, and keeping track of everything can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Area-Wide Exterminators is here to take care of at least one thing for you: pest control. We provide professional termite and home inspections, as well as reporting services, to ensure that the homes you sell are in great shape. If you would like to learn more about the services we have available for Realtors®, you can give us a call at 209-676-3398.